2. Updates to the Art SOAK page on my portfolio - with new 2014 festival programme photos.

  3. New illustration work for Writing West Midlands up on my portfolio.

  4. These were my christmas card designs 2013. Deconstructed mulled wine spice mix (minus the wine) and a cheese and chutney selection.

  5. Came home to post from a friend and client Mark, wedding invitation that I designed. Very happy with how they turned out!

  7. Recently finished visual identity for Swift Editorial. Really enjoyed this one!

    Special thanks to my friend Joe Pell for letting me use his swift photo as a reference for my silhouette.

  8. CD packaging design + illustration for John Taylor Hospice. Not yet on my portfolio but looking forward to getting these back from the printers :)

  9. Some Stirchley based quick turnaround festive flyers I’ve designed recently. With doodling. The actual Cary Grant illustration from 1947 is B. Lancy (Bernard Lancy I think.)

    In the process of working on some beefy branding / packaging projects, so it’s quite nice to have these little bits and pieces to do amongst those!

    The Christmas Market flyer is BW so that residents can print off their own copies and not fret about using too much ink. Keeping it simple.

  10. Just had sign-off on a cookery school brochure for my client Loaf. Here’s a section of the cover. First class doodling from me there….

  11. (Source: thatfakeblog)

  12. Full wedding stationery package for a client, can’t wait to get these babies back from the printers!

  13. This morning…. redesigning a trade flyer I did a few weeks ago, but this time in Japanese.

  14. Drawing rose pattern backgrounds….

  15. Design and illustration for an invitation - Schroders (Sports and Social Committee.)